Monday, January 18, 2021

MLK 2021: A Reflection in Song


Join us TONIGHT for a special broadcast of "MLK 2021: A Refection in Song." Featuring the music of Nina Simone, Mavis Staples, The Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke and many more.

January 18, 2021 --  8pm Eastern/7pm Central.

Or, listen to it on-demand via Mixcloud below:

Sunday, January 3, 2021

New Music january 2021

Happy New Year! This month we are spinning some great #NewMusic for a #NewYear -- We have over 100 new tracks from these great albums -- with double doses on New Music Thursdays throughout the month. Join us online, via our app, Alexa or anywhere you listen to internet music!

Surly Dave and the Wallabies - Resilient

Anna Coddington - Beams

RAT!hammock - Everything, All at Once, Forever

Molly Murphy - Call Me Elsewhere

JT and the Congregants - The Cellar Sessions

Lola Parks - No Apologies

Zoe Quinn - Hearts On Sleeves

Ben Cottrill - Velvet Regrets, Vol. 1 & 2

Yellow Red Sparks - New Fangs Old Pangs

Lee Hayes - The Secret Life

AJ Rosales - Manifestations

Katey Morley - Hearts & Heads & Thoughts & Deeds

Taltsie - ToYou

Robin Auld - Fingers in My Pocket

Emma Mild - Day & Age

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Last SONG OF THE WEEK of 2020!

For the very last Song of the Week of the year, we are spinning someone who has not been a stranger on the Song of the Week, for sure. This will be with 4th time Dionne Warwick has claimed a spot on this weekly show.  And there is no better way to end the year.

Join us at 11am and 11pm (Eastern) for "Let Me Be Lonely" from her 1970 Go With Love release.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

8th Annual Vinyl Christmas is Here!

It is time for our annual Vinyl Christmas extravaganza! Nothing but Christmas music played on vinyl, just as you remember. We have over 2000 tracks we are streaming---from instrumental to choral, from Mowtown to crooner. This is the music you grew up with. Streaming 24/7 until December 27th!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

New Music November

We have some great albums streaming this month on Vinyl Voyage Radio.

 New Music November

Felivand - Nerve

Rachel Kiel - Dream Logic

Angie McMahon - Piano Salt

Guiding Light - Weird Pains

Parker - Parker 3

Behind the Sofa - Lend Me a Hand - The Originals

Ty Page - Cold Shoulder

Aletya - En Vivo

VanWyck - God is in the Detour

NoMaD - Alone with My Thoughts

Shima - Shima and the Traveling Bunch

Amy Blaschke - Newage Daydream

Bruce Springsteen - Letter to You

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween -- TODAY -- On Vinyl Voyage Radio!

 Note: Due to our Halloween Programming, Blue Suede Connection will not be heard this afternoon.

Happy Halloween!  Today, our Halloween programming begins at 4pm, Eastern (3pm Central) for an eclectic mix of Halloween music. Throughout the evening, we will also be streaming some delightful mixes from JB at F-This Movie


The music starts at 4pm! And then, join us for these wonderful programs:

The Haunted Mansion in Story and Song - 4:30 EST

This is from my vinyl copy bought at the Magic Kingdom in 1976, featuring "Grim, Grinning Ghosts"

Shame! Horror! Despair! - JB Mix - 5pm EST

This was the first mix JB produced in 2020. This mix features songs by REM, Willie Nelson, Seal, Warren Zevon, Pat Boone and many more!

Why Isn't It Halloween Yet? - JB Mix - 6:30 EST

This great mix from JB features INXS, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, Metallica, Donovan and lots of Vincent Price.

Time's Up, Mister Pumpkin! - JB Mix - 8:00 EST

This one's all about pumpkins! Featuring HUNNY, Smashing Pumpkins, Ray Charles, The Who and many more

Cauldron Full O'Candy - 9:00 EST

This one is all about Candy! Or, inspired by candy! Featuring music from The Guess Who, Bruce Springsteen, Marcy Playground, Black Keys and many more!

The Astounding Pumpkin Monster - JB Mix - 10:30pm

This mix originally streamed on Vinyl Voyage in 2018 and back for 2020! This mix features some great songs from Frank Zappa, Pearl Jam, The Beatles and many more!

The music continues until Midnight --- Enjoy.

Stay safe and wear your masks!