Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Broadcast in Support of Standing Rock and #NoDAPL

Today, Vinyl Voyage Radio stands in solidarity with our First Nation brothers and sisters. It's cold in North Dakota and they are planning to stay for as long as it takes. Give your support as they fight to protect their land, their water and their way of life. They are our "Water Protectors." What they do there affects each and every one of us. Remember them as you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal. And give a little.

You can donate directly below to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe or head over to their site to make a donation. All money goes to the effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

You can also make a donation to Oceti Sakowin, the main camp of the water protectors.

Your Primer for #NoDAPL

As you get ready to sit down to your Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, here are some videos that will help you understand what our First Nation brothers and sisters are doing in North Dakota for #NoDAPL.

Special Thanksgiving Day Broadcast

Beginning at noon, Central time, Vinyl Voyage Radio will begin a special Thanksgiving Day
broadcast in solidarity with our First Nation brothers and sisters in North Dakota taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We will play an eclectic mix of music, perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner party. Music that spans the last forty years or so.

We will also play songs by Native American artists as well.  Some of the artists you will hear throughout the course of the 12 hour broadcast:

Annie Humphrey
Rona Yellow Robe
Bill Miller
Gareth Laffely
Jim Boyd
Robbie Robertson
Joanne Shenandoah
Kelly Derrickson
Keith Secola
Tabitha Fair
Twin Flames
Randy Granger

We will also have opportunities to help out those in North Dakota by making donations to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation as well.

Check back throughout the day for more information.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Join Us for a Special Thanksgiving Day Broadcast

The first Thanksgiving was 395 years ago and represents a wonderful moment when cultures came together in solidarity and peace; a vision of what America could be. Right now, our First Nation brothers and sisters, representing over 250 distinct nations, are making a standing in North Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This pipeline not only threatens sacred sites around the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, it also threatens the water that supplies the reservation.

On Thanksgiving Day, Vinyl Voyage will be playing the best dinner music from our archives  while also honoring those who are braving the freezing weather in North Dakota. We will play some Native music along with the calls for action. Hear Native men and women talk about their struggle against the pipeline.

And make a donation.

It's the least we can do on this Thanksgiving 2016.

This special broadcast will begin at 12 noon, Central time.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

This Month on AiV: "Souled Out" (1975)

This month, we are taking a time trip back to 1975 for Souled Out, a K-Tel compilation of Funk and Soul classics from 1975.

The album features Bill Withers, Kool & the Gang, Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Hues Corporation and many more. Like its counterparts, Super Bad and Super Bad is Back, this album is more of a concept album capitalizing on the early 70s trend in blaxploitation films. Although, by the time of its release, blaxploitation was losing favor in 1975.

Here is the television commercial for Souled Out:

This album was new when I purchased it on Ebay. On this episode, we will play it for the first time.

Included with the album was a bonus: a K-Tel catalog from 1975. This is a treasure from the glory days of K-tel. Here is a .pdf version. Read it. Download if if you like. Enjoy.

Adventures in Vinyl can be heard at the following times (Central):

Saturday, 12:30 pm
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Wednesday 2:30 am

Or listen to it at any time at Mixcloud.