K-Tel Time Machine

K-Tel Time Machine is a weekly show that celebrates the K-Tel record compilation. On every episode, Bruce Janu takes us on a journey through time by spinning a classic K-Tel album on original vinyl. Music information, movies, commercials and news from the year of the K-Tel record are also explored.

For years, Bruce Janu hosted Adventures in Vinyl. That show has gotten an upgrade and we are proud to introduce The K-Tel Time Machine. Relive the past through the glory of K-Tel!

K-Tel Time Machine can be heard at the following times, Eastern:

Saturday 1:30pm
Sunday 4pm
Wednesday 3am

All of the episodes of The K-Tel Time Machine can be streamed on-demand via Mixcloud.   All episodes are also available in the player below.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bruce Janu

    My Name is Jermaine Mack how is your Christmas and New Year because I still have all 19 K-Tel Albums like

    Starflight (1979)
    Rock 80 (1980)
    Images (1980)
    Soundwaves (1980)
    Songbird (1981)
    Danger High Voltage (1981)
    Horizons (1981)
    The Elite (1981)
    Denim (1981)
    Neon Nights (1982)
    After Hours (1982)
    Blast Off (1982)
    The Hit List (1982)
    The Beat (1982)
    Rock 'N' Roll Fever Volumes 1-2 (1982)
    Love Is... (1982)
    Hot Tracks (1983)
    Pure Magic (1983)

    and that's why I would love to go back to my childhood days till I can have a K-Tel Party like it's 1982 because I want to listen to Rock 'N' Roll Fever Volumes 1-2 because I still have that album when they all 42 songs from the 50's and 60's just like when I saw it in the 1982 K-Tel Commercial. so when you have time please contact me about Rock 'N' Roll Fever Volumes 1-2 on The K-Tel Time Machine
    Thank You!