K-Tel Time Machine

K-Tel Time Machine is a weekly show that celebrates the K-Tel record compilation. On every episode, Bruce Janu takes us on a journey through time by spinning a classic K-Tel album on original vinyl. Music information, movies, commercials and news from the year of the K-Tel record are also explored.

For years, Bruce Janu hosted Adventures in Vinyl. That show has gotten an upgrade and we are proud to introduce The K-Tel Time Machine. Relive the past through the glory of K-Tel!

K-Tel Time Machine can be heard at the following times, Eastern:

Sunday 8pm
Friday 3am
Saturday 12pm

All of the episodes of The K-Tel Time Machine can be streamed on-demand via Mixcloud.   All episodes are also available in the player below.

If you run a radio station and would like to syndicate The K-Tel Time Machine, please fill out the following form. The K-Tel Time Machine is available for free for non-commercial internet and terrestrial radio stations.  Click here to fill out the form in a new window.