Friday, January 19, 2024

New K-Tel Time Machine - Rock 80!

We have the K-Tel Time Machine dialed into the year 1980 for one of the best K-Tel compilations ever! Rock 80, featuring some early New Wave hits. Listen on Saturday, 1:30 pm and Sunday 4pm -- Eastern Time.

Monday, January 8, 2024

New Year, New Music

 As we start a new year here at Vinyl Voyage Radio, we have some new music on tap this month.  New music can be heard at any time, with double the doses on New Music Thursdays!

Good Grief

Magic Al

Alive and well

Ryan Terrigno


Jacob Perez

Grand Haven

Mike Leslie

I Hope I Find You Somewhere

Mournful Whispers


Flo Parker Bombosch

Mythical Bird


Girl Love

Girl Love

Beautiful Endings

Eric Hunker

Nothing Sweeter

Julie Arsenault


Shelly Fraley

Cabin Fever

Megan Diana


Kat Orlando


Ainslie Wills 

So Long Noodle House

Hot Apple Band


Ella Thompson