Sunday, September 8, 2019

Special "K-Tel Memories" edition of Adventures in Vinyl

Today, we are premiering a special "K-Tel Memories" edition of Adventures in Vinyl. On this episode, K-Tel fan Jonny Gators digs deep in some of his favorite K-Tel albums of the 1970s, playing popular and obscure tracks. Listen throughout the month, times Eastern

September 8    4pm
September 14 12:30pm
September 15 and 29 4pm

Jonny Gators has been collecting K-tel records since he was a kid, both on vinyl and 8-track. He has some programs that he streams on YouTube and Twitch.

If you would like to make an episode of K-Tel Memories to share your K-Tel experience, click here.

New Music September

This month, on Vinyl Voyage Radio, we are featuring some great new albums! Tracks from these albums stream all month, with double doses on Thursdays. Links to the artists below.

Adam Bailie - P.O.P.E
Tanya Gallagher - One Hand on My Heart
Frankie Cosmos - Close It Quietly
Crystal Casey - Of Myth and Men
David Wax Museum - Line of Light
Paul and the Tall Trees - So Long
Jenny Drew - Rockbiter
Jeremie Albino - Hard Time
Seratones - Power
Shotgun Tori & the Hounds - Shotgun Tori & the Hounds
Wylder - Golden Age Thinking
Maple & Beech - Maple & Beech
Candid Coal People - Death Comes Off
Steve Welty - Find Out Who We Are
Mike Herz - Bright Side

Saturday, September 7, 2019

It's Time for a Change! Help me pick

We have been producing Adventures in Vinyl since 2011. And during that time, we have spun dozens of K-Tel albums. Since the show has been about K-Tel records, I don't think the title of the show adequately expresses the subject of the show, which is K-Tel.

So I have decided to change the title of the show. Same show. We will always focus on K-Tel. But now with a different title.   I have some ideas. Help me pick which one you think is best.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Season 2 Premiere of the FS Detention Club!

Vinyl Voyage Radio is the official home of the FS Detention Club, a radio show hosted by Bruce Janu featuring the music and legacy of Frank Sinatra. On the Season 2 premiere, Bruce takes us to an often neglected (comparatively speaking) phase of Sinatra's career: the 1970s.  More information can be found at

Listen on September 1 at 2pm Eastern Time and then throughout the month.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Listen to Episode 66 On-Demand!

If you missed Terry's K-tel Memories on the last episode of Adventures in Vinyl, listen On-Demand via Mixcloud!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Woodstock: 50th Anniversary Special

We are continuing our celebration of Woodstock. If you missed any of the broadcasts, the entire special is available on demand via Mixcloud.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Music Festival, held in upstate New York on August 15-18, 1969. To commemorate this historic event, we will play the 3-LP soundtrack to the documentary film, featuring great performances from Country Joe and the Fish, Joe Cocker, the Who, Joan Baez, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and, of course, Jimi Hendrix.

We will play this album first at 5:07 pm on Thursday evening, the time that Richie Havens took the stage 50 years ago.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Terry's K-Tel Memories

Terry grew up outside of Toronto, with K-Tel and CHUM 1050 AM influencing his musical tastes. On this special episode of Adventures in Vinyl, Terry discusses his memories of K-Tel, specifically focusing on the Canadian artists that often appeared on K-Tel releases.

This episode features some great Canadian staples: The Poppy Family, James Leroy and Denim, Lighthouse, the Stampeders, Chilliwack, and many, many more.

You can hear this episode at the following times:

Saturday 1:30pm, Eastern on August 3 and 24
Sunday 5pm, Eastern on August 4 and 25

Terry today still lives outside of Toronto. He is an editor and freelance voice artist. More information about Terry can be found at his website and on Upwork.

If you would like to share your own K-Tel memories on an upcoming episode, click here.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

New Music August

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It’s August, and we’ve some great NEW MUSIC spinning this month. Over 120 new songs from these artists in regular rotation, with double doses on THURSDAYS. Discover new music on Vinyl Voyage Radio.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣..⁣ ⁣..⁣ ⁣..⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Tracy Howe-Things That Grow @tracyhowemusic #tracyhowemusic ⁣ ⁣Manon Ward-Manon Ward @manonward #manonward ⁣ ⁣Christina LaRocca-These Are My Whiskey Dreams @christinalaroccamusic #ChristinaLaRocca⁣ ⁣Cecily-Awakening, Part 1 @cecilyalexa #cecily⁣ ⁣Stranger Ranger-Remembering the Rockets #strangerranger ⁣ ⁣Traveling Seeds-Traveling Seeds #TravelingSeeds ⁣ ⁣Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs-Peace and Love and Dollar Pints @tom.flannery #tomflanneryandtheshillelaghs⁣ ⁣Imogen Joy-Aquarius #ImogenJoy ⁣ ⁣Tyler Stenson-In the Loudest Way @tylerstenson #TylerStenson⁣ ⁣Prateek-All You Do Is Drown @prateekmusic #Prateek⁣ ⁣Capitansam-Phoenix #capitansam #capitansammusic⁣ ⁣They Won’t Win-Lost At Sea @theywontwinband #theywontwin ⁣ ⁣Super Knova-American Queers @superknovamusic #superknova ⁣ ⁣Musers-Love Will See You Through @themuserssoco #themusers⁣ ⁣Aubryn-Gone-a Get It @aubrynmusic #Aubryn ⁣ ⁣The Young Sinclairs-Out of the Box @theyoungsinclairs #youngsinclairs ⁣ ⁣Dude York-Falling @dudeyork #dudeyork ⁣ ⁣Bleached-Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? @hellobleached #bleached⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#newmusic #newmusicalert #newmusicaugust #vinylvoyageradio ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Special Presentation: Moon Voyage

50 years ago this weekend, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first human beings to walk on the surface.  When I was a kid, I had this album: Moon Voyage.

This album was released in 1969 and features some historic recordings of the moon landing. Plus, a dramatization of the history of astronomy that led to this historic event.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, we will be spinning this album in its entirety. Relive this event through the glory of retro vinyl. Hear it on Sunday, July 21 at 2pm Eastern time.  The special will be repeated Monday morning at 2am for those of you in different time zones.

Friday, July 12, 2019

New Items in the Vinyl Voyage Record Shop on Ebay!

We've added some great items to the Vinyl Voyage Record shop on Ebay. Click here to view items.

1) Beatles "White Album" on white vinyl, plus all posters and inserts.
2) Classic Alternative/New Wave collection: The Boomtown Rats, The JoBoxers, and the Flirts
3) 70s/80s Greatest Hits collection: Linda Ronstadt, Seals & Crofts and Dan Fogelberg
4) Peter Frampton Lot: Frampton, Frampton's Camel and I'm In You
5) Moody Blues Collection: Days of Future Passed, Long Distance Traveler, The Present and Sur la mer
6) Audio Technica AT-2020 condenser microphone, xlr

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Music, July 2019

Vinyl Voyage Radio plays the most eclectic mix of music anywhere. And, each month, we like to highlight new music. This music may not be on vinyl, but it is music that you deserve to hear. This month, we are streaming new songs from the following artists. You just might hear something new and refreshing. Scroll down for information about the artists featured this month.

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We’ve some sizzling’ new music for July on Vinyl Voyage Radio. Another eclectic mix of the music you deserve to hear. Streaming all month, with extra shots on Thursdays. Only on Vinyl Voyage Radio. Listen online, via TuneIn, on your favorite internet music app, or download the exclusive Vinyl Voyage App. Artist info available at .. .. @bailentheband #bailen @trevorkrehel #trevorkrehel @austinplaine #austinplaine @isabellestillmanmusic #isabellestillman @1000blackbirds #tylerramsey @lomariemusic #lomarie @jeaninesnyc #jeanines #personalbest @thomasdalegeren #tommygeren @jeffwhitemusik #Jeffwhite @lauralamn #lauralamn @gerrintology #gerryallen @thehauntsband #thehaunts @brideymurphymusic #brideymurphy @janinediazwhittmusic #janinediazwhitt @angiemcmahon #angiemcmahon @honeymoanband #honeymoan @theblackpumas #blackpumas #newmusicjuly #newmusicalert #newmusic #newtracks
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Angie McMahon A singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. I love the single, "Missing Me."
Austin Plaine - Nashville-based singer-songwriter.
Bailen -  A unique sound from twins, plus a sister.
The Black Pumas - Voted "Best New Band" at Austin Music Awards, this may be my favorite album of the month.
Bridey Murphy Trio from Austin. Great debut EP.
Gerry Allen - A solid debut from this singer songwriter from Calgary
The Haunts - Great surfy garage rock from this Los Angeles band
Honeymoans - Some funky tracks from this South African band
Isabelle Stillman - Great debut album from this singer-songwriter from Colorado
Janine Diaz Whitt - Its hard to define this singer-songwriter, as she spans genres and styles. Great debut here.
Jeanines - Alicia and Jed make up this NYC pop band. Cool stuff.
Jeff White - Great EP here from this singer-songwriter.
Laura Lamn - Laura Lamn has perhaps the best summer song, "Stand My Ground"
Lo Marie - Neo Soul singer from Madison, Wisconsin
Personal Best - Classic rock for tragic lesbians. From the U.K.
Tommy Geren - San Francisco singer-songwriter
Trevor Krehel - Some nice acoustic rock from this singer-songwriter
Tyler Ramsey - A singer-songwriter from North Carolina

Runaway, the Song of the Week

Saturday, June 22, 2019

This week on Blue Suede Connection

Dan and TL take us back to 1956 for the "Elvis Explosion." Saturday 4pm Eastern and Sunday 4am Eastern.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

New Music for June!

We have nearly 150 new tracks streaming this month from new and established artists. This is a great mix of music, from soul to folk, to power-pop and Americana. Every Thursday, we feature double doses of these tracks for New Music Thursday. Listen now. Information about the artists are found below.

Over The Rhine
The Tall Pines
Cameron Johnson
Jacob Everett Wallace
Steve Welty
Kelly Finnigan
Nice Apple
Nouvella Vague
Mavis Staples
Julia Floberg
Soul Secret Agency
Siena Christie
Cassondra Marie
Billy Edwards
Migrant Birds
Christelle Bofale