New Music

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Vinyl Voyage Radio has an extremely varied playlist. We play all types of music from over the last 60 or so years, sometimes older.

Although Vinyl Voyage Radio plays mainly older music on original vinyl, we have taken to highlighting new music every month. We hand select between 15-20 artists every month and stream entire albums. Some of those songs may be promoted to regular rotation.

Since we play mainly pop hits from the 70s and 80s, we are very selective in what we choose to highlight, as our listening audience is accustomed to a certain type of music. Therefore, we tend to choose music from singer-songwriters, acoustic pop, and sometimes some neo-soul or funk, especially those that have a classic sound.

We mainly play music from mp3s, although we have had people send cds and occasionally vinyl albums as well. Before sending anything, we would like the opportunity to take a listen before anything is sent for we don't want you to waste postage or time on something that will not be played. We are very selective in what choose and make every effort to make sure new music fits in with the style of sound Vinyl Voyage Radio is known.

If you are interested in us taking a look at a particular band or artist, fill out the form below.