Monday, January 19, 2015

More Options to Listen to Vinyl Voyage Radio

We recently cut the cable cord.  That's right: goodbye Comcast!

Instead of cable, I installed a large antenna in our attic and we bought a Roku 3 streaming player. We've gone back to watching network TV (I get about 50 digital channels over-air) and stream our shows via Netflix and Hulu Plus. All for more than half of what cable costs.

The cool thing about Roku is that I can stream Vinyl Voyage.  This was great at Christmas as I was able to saturate the house with a vinyl Christmas.  And it was easy.

On the Roku player, you add "channels."  And Live365 has a channel for Roku.

In fact, it is now easier than ever to stream Vinyl Voyage Radio.  In addition to Roku,  Live365 is supported by the following devices:




There are many more option available.  Visit the Live365 site for a complete list of supported devices.

Not only that, but there are Live365 apps available for your smartphone.  With Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily listen in the car.

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