Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bea Wagner's Everly Brothers Album from 1963

I love finding old albums. I recently wrote about the 15 Everly Hits album that I picked up. ("Let It Be Me" is the Song of the Week)

It just so happens that this Everly Brothers album was owned by Bea Wagner. She wrote her name on the back of the album, first in pen then in a large black marker.  When people wrote their names on albums it usually meant something. It was the marking of territory; the declaration of fandom.

I am sure she had her favorite brother; I wonder who it was?

She bought the album for $2.88 at F.W. Woolworth. The price tag is still there.

If anyone knows a Bea Wagner, let her know that her album is in good hands.

Thanks Bea.

Here is "Let It be Me" from Bea's album being played.

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