Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Escape" by Journey - The Song of the Week

I've been on a Steve Perry kick lately. Man, I miss him. What a voice. Back in junior high, Journey's album, Escape changed my life. Well, that may be just a little exaggeration. However, it did set in motion my taste in music during junior high. I remember walking the dog, my boombox blasting Journey for all to hear.

The title track of the album had a particular resonance to this 13 year old in 1981. And it is the Vinyl Voyage Song of the Week.

This album was so big, it even served as a basis for an arcade game. A very weird arcade game, I must say. A game into which I push countless quarters back in the day.  Check out this below:

Check out my vinyl copy of Escape being played below.

"Escape," the Vinyl Voyage Song of the Week, can be heard at 10 am  and 10 pm (Central) on August 30, 2017.  Plus, throughout the week.

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