Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vinyl Albums for Sale!

We are beginning to clean out our library. Check out these vinyl albums we are selling this month on Ebay. They are being sold under the name vinylvoyagerecords.

1) Lot of Two Journey Albums: "Evolution"(VG)  and "Frontiers" (VG)
2) "Voices of Liberty" a 1984 EPCOT Center album of patriotic songs. (NM)
3) Mystic Moods Orchestra-"One Stormy Night" with "naughty" album sleeve (VG+)
4) Joan Baez-"Diamonds and Rust" 1980 Half Speed Mastered Audiophile edition (VG+)
5) Vivaldi - "The Four Seasons" conducted by Trevor Pinnock (NM)
6) The Beatles - "The White Album" 1978 Special Edition on white vinyl (VG+)
7) Jethro Tull lot of 4 albums: "Living in the Past" (VG), "Thick as a Brick" (VG), "Stand Up" (VG+), "M.U. - The Best of Jethro Tull" (VG+)

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