Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Music: October | 2019

Another month, another batch of new music. We have over 140 new tracks streaming from these albums this month, with double the new music on "New Music Thursdays." Links the the artists below.

Nels Andrews - “Pigeon and the Crow” 

Ben Hoganson - Ubi Sunt 

Hyemen & Metalfunkel Coasters  

Ainslie Wills - All you have is all you need  

Tramp for the Lord - Black Crows and Slo Pokes 

Mousey - Lemon Law

Chaser Eight - Been Lost Dreaming 

Miri Elle - April 

Goldschatz - Salt of the Sea 

Kate Teague - Kate Teague

Sarah Rogo - Smoke and Water

Little Wise - Want it All 

Joseph - Good Luck Kid

Chris Hludzik - Another Last Stand

Tangled Tape - Back and Forth


  1. Thanks for the airplay!

    Chris Hludzik.

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