Sunday, January 13, 2019

How to Listen to Vinyl Voyage Radio in the United States

Yes, our stream from Canada is now blocked for listeners in the United States.

But can you still listen in the United States? Yes. And it's pretty easy.

The key to listening is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a VPN allows you to route your IP address through another server in another country, "tricking" the internet into thinking you are in another location. In other words, this is good not just for listening to Vinyl Voyage Radio, but it also extends your privacy from advertisers and other entities that may be tracking what you do on the internet.

I use Windscribe VPN. The free version has 10 gigs of data a month. If you tweet that you are using Windscribe, they'll give you 5 gigs more. That's a pretty good deal. Plus, if you use it to just stream Vinyl Voyage Radio for a few hours a day, you're good for the month. (If you want more, they offer several plans that are really affordable. Plus, they are out of Canada. So: win-win!)

The video below explains how to use a VPN to listen to Vinyl Voyage Radio on your computer using a browser extension.

Adding a VPN to your computer, tablet, or phone is pretty easy.  I like to use the browser extensions because I have complete control over when I turn the VPN and off.

If you listen using a tablet or smartphone, you can download the VPN app - I have it on both my android phone and my iPad. So I can listen to Vinyl Voyage (or another station that may be coming out of Canada as well) using my device. 

It's that easy.

If you have any questions, let me know. You can email me here.


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