Friday, May 1, 2020

Vinyl Voyage Radio Trivia Game! Tonight! 9pm Eastern/8pm Central

Looking for something to do tonight? Join us for a worldwide trivia game! Tonight at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central -- Listen here at Vinyl Voyage Radio, play at

There will be two rounds with 6 questions in each round. Each question will be read first on-air, and then the question will appear on your device. A song will play and you will have 60 seconds to answer. The quicker you answer, the more points you will receive!

1. Click "Listen Now" to start the radio stream so you can hear the questions. The player will open in a new window.
2. Then click on the links below to play the game and answer the questions:

Round 1:  Access Code: 266812 This round will start around 9pm Eastern/8pm Central
Round 2: Access Code: 114270 This round will start at roughly 10pm Eastern/9pm Central

1 comment:

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