Wednesday, July 7, 2021

SOTW -- Classic KISS -- "Calling Dr. Love"

This week, we are dusting off a 1977 45 rpm record, featuring KISS and "Calling Dr. Love."

This is an original disc from my collection, purchased during my "Kiss Phase" when growing up. I had my favorite KISS character, of course. I really liked Peter Criss and drew his face everywhere. I had a Paul Stanley poster in my "area" in the crawlspace (which, incidentally, was still there when my parents moved a few years ago.)

My Junior High, in 1976, won a contests and KISS even played a show in the gym. That was a few years before I was a student there, but everybody was talking about it.

Photo by Ken Jenks

If you haven't seen the new A&E Biography special, KISStory, do it. It is a great trip down memory lane.

"Calling Dr. Love" premieres at 11am July 7, 2021 and repeats again at 11pm (Eastern). Plus, catch it throughout the week.


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