Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Song of Week: 6 Years and Counting!

We have surpassed the 300th episode of The Song of the Week and going back to the artist we started with six years ago!

We are spinning a great song from their 2003 release Ohio. As anyone knows who has listened to the Song of the Week, I am a huge fan of this band. In fact, we have played more songs by Over the Rhine than any other band in the last 6 years.  Here's the breakdown:


5: The Beatles, Pat Benatar, The Rollings Stones, The Who with 5 songs each

4: Frank Sinatra with 6 songs

3: U2 with 7 songs

2: Bruce Springsteen with 8 Songs

1: Over the Rhine, with 9 songs

Well, make that 10 songs after this special episode. We are spinning "Professional Daydreamer."

Over the last 6 years, we have played 312 songs covering the years 1938-2023. Out of all of the spins, the year that we played the most was 1978, followed by 1970, 1973 and 1968.

We have also played 2 78s, 1 cassette single, a few 8tracks, 1 12" single and 31 45s.

A new episode of the Song of the Week drops every Wednesday morning at 11am (EST) -- it then repeats at 11pm(EST). You can also catch repeats throughout the week.


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