Thursday, December 21, 2023

Vinyl Christmas has begun!

 It is here: the 11th annual Vinyl Christmas, streaming now until December 27. 

We have thousands of tracks, all taken from vinyl albums. If you are old enough, you may remember the albums that were sold by hardware stores like True Value and Ace Hardware. Plus, Firestone and Goodyear also famously sold albums, too.

These albums are great and we have several dozen in our collection. Our newest edition is this one from True Value:

This one is from 1978. The first True Value "Happy Holidays" album came out in 1965. So this is a Christmas tradition at its best. Here is an ad for the Goodyear album, Great Songs of Christmas, which sold for $1 in 1969:

And yes, we have that one in our collection, too! 

So tune in to Vinyl Voyage Radio to listen to these gems from the past.


  1. The 11th annual Vinyl Christmas offers a nostalgic experience with thousands of tracks from vinyl albums, including classics sold by hardware stores like True Value and Ace Hardware. Have you explored this holiday tradition.

  2. I'm thrilled that Vinyl Christmas has started! It brings such joy and nostalgia. The blog must be full of exciting ideas for holiday music enthusiasts like me. I can already imagine cozy evenings spent listening to classic Christmas tunes on vinyl records. This announcement has definitely made my day. I can't wait to explore the blog and immerse myself in the festive spirit. Cheers to a jolly Vinyl Christmas.

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