Friday, April 1, 2011

Tonight on Mix Tape Memories: "Alane's Mix"

I am not exactly sure when "Alane's Mix" was created.  Sometime in 1986, I believe.  In that year, Belinda Carlisle released her first post-Go-Go's solo album, Belinda.  A couple of songs from that album appear on this mix including the hit, "Mad About You."  So I assume it was made around this time---summer, 1986.

This is a nice mix and very Alane.  I basically grew up with Alane.  We went to elementary school, junior high and high school together.  Our families camped together a couple of times.  We went on road trips into the city and once got lost while singing songs from Jesus Christ Super Star and didn't realize we were lost until well into the second act. (Yeah, we liked musicals and she got me hooked not just on JCSS, as we called it, but also on West Side Story as well.  Sometimes we'd act out scenes in the hall in high school.  We were Glee before Glee.)

Tonight, on Mix Tape Memories, we will feature "Alane's Mix."  This is a very eclectic mix of tunes, as all good mix tapes are.  Here's just a few of the artists you will hear tonight:

Barbara Streisand.
The Smiths.
Corey Hart.
Stray Cats.
Duran Duran.
Belinda Carlisle.

And many more.  Plus, of course, a song from West Side Story.  80's Trivia and the "Name that Movie" segment are on tap as well.  So join us for a nostalgic trip back to the age of Reagan, New Wave and big hair on Mix Tape Memories.

Mix Tape Memories airs live at 9 pm CT tonight (April 1). Catch a repeat of this show, Monday night at 8 pm CT.

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