Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alien Sex Fiend and Time Zone--This Friday on Mix Tape Memories

This was my favorite mix tape from the 1980s; it was the one I was most proud of.  We all had mix tapes like that:  the ones we cranked up in the car when we drove with the windows down, showing off our taste in music.    This was the tape that made me feel cool, in my highschool--"look at me, I'm an individual"---way.

This is the tape with Alien Sex Fiend.

I bought that Alien Sex Fiend album at a record store in Northbrook.  I didn't know anything about them.  Just thought it would be cool to own.  It's not very good, yet I put a couple of tracks on this mix---probably just to show that I was "cutting edge,"  or something like that.  The album is called "Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain?" and contains some classic punk/death metal songs, such as "Drive My Rocket (Up Uranus)."  Don't worry, that one is not on this mix.

But "Black Rabbit" is.

The mix begins with a classic 80s song that really captures the spirit of the 80s Cold War.  This was the age of "The Evil Empire" and The Day After.  In high school, I truly believed that the end was going to come at the end of a mushroom cloud.  And no song captures this more than "World Destruction" by Time Zone.

Time Zone was a collaboration between early hip-hop artist Afrika Bambaataa and the Sex Pistol's Johnny Rotten.  It was a unique song, one that I loved to play loud.  Really loud.

It's a world destruction
Your life ain't nothing
the human race is becoming a disgrace

The mix starts with that song.  Other artists include The Fixx.  Corey Hart.  Orchestra Maneuvers in the Dark.  The Plimsouls.  Real Life.   Alphaville.  Ministry.  Nick Heyward.  And many more. 

This is a good mix. If you like early 80s alternative or New Wave--if you want to call it that--join us on Friday night for Mix Tape Memories for a nostalgic trip to 1985.  We'll be talking 80s trivia and "Name that Movie" segment as well.

Mix Tape Memories airs every Friday night at 9 pm CT on the Vinyl Voyage.  Encore broadcast airs on the following Monday night at 8 pm.

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