Thursday, September 29, 2011

K-Tel's "Hit Express" This Month on Adventures in Vinyl

After a Retro Repeat September, Adventures in Vinyl returns in October with a new episode.  This K-Tel selection comes from 1982, a big year for me.  It was the year I started high school.  Later that year I got my first real computer:  a Commodore 64 (which I still have, by the way).  It was the year of E.T.: The Extraterrestrial and Poltergeist.  It was also the year of Hit Express.

This is the second 80s album we have played on Adventures in Vinyl.  By the 1980s, K-Tel had changed it's format.  Instead of editing songs in order to fit as much as possible on a side, the 1980s saw K-Tel offering more complete songs (at least the radio versions).  Therefore, there aren't as many songs on a K-Tel album as there were a decade earlier.  This album has fourteen songs; about seven less than a 70's K-Tel.  But that's okay.  There are some great treasures on this album from the early 80s:
  • Human League
  • Phil Collins
  • Rick Springfield
  • Loverboy
  • Joan Jett and the Black Hearts
  • The Police
....and, as they used to say in the commercials:  "And Many More!" 

Join us for a nostalgic trip back to 1982.  We'll play the album in it's entirety, plus sample trivia, history and movie memories from 1982 as well.

Adventures in Vinyl can be heard at 11 am (CT) Saturday and 4 pm (CT) Sunday.  You can also catch Adventures in Vinyl during the week:  Tuesday at 1 pm and Thursday at 10 am.

Plus, if you can't catch Adventures in Vinyl at these times, let us know when you would like to hear it and we will play it for you at your convenience.  How's that for a personal playlist?

Adventures in Vinyl:  The only radio show dedicated to the lost art of the K-Tel record compilation.


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