Saturday, February 4, 2012

Introducing "Manic Mondays"--All 80s Music, All Day

My formative years were spent deep in the 80s.  Consequently, much of my record collection dates from that time.  The Cure. Madonna. U2.  Bruce Springsteen.  The Police.  Corey Hart.  Duran Duran.  INXS. 

I can go on.  And on.

So why not devote a day to that part of my collection?

Every Monday, Vinyl Voyage Radio will go all 80s, all day long.  We call it "Manic Mondays."  And if you can sing that song, you know you want take a trip back to the "Me Decade." Throughout the day, we will have news clips, movie clips and other 80s related fun.

Plus, of course, an eclectic mix of 80s music.  All played on glorious vinyl.  Just as it was. And just as it should be.

Only on Vinyl Voyage Radio.

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