Sunday, February 3, 2013

K-Tel's "Dimensions" from 1981 on the next Adventures in Vinyl

This month we are celebrating the 20th episode of Adventures in Vinyl.  That's right, we have highlighted 20 K-Tel compilations over the last 2 years.  And we have many more to go.  After all, K-Tel produced over 160 compilation albums between 1971 and 1985.

In the month of February, we are featuring a compilation from 1981:  Dimensions.

This album features Juice Newton, Pat Benatar, Air Supply and one of my personal favorites from 1981:  Billy Squier.

In 1981, I received Billy Squier's album Don't Say No for Christmas. "The Stroke" was all over the airwaves in 1981.  And I played that album until it was worn out.  Pat Benatar, too.  Big fan.   Air Supply, not so much.

But then again, that is the magic of K-Tel.  Going over these old records I am still amazed at the eclectic nature of the song selections.

And Dimensions is no different:

Dimensions is the featured album this month on Adventures in Vinyl:  the only radio show dedicated to the lost art of the K-Tel compilation. Join us for a musical time trip featuring not just music, but movies and news as well.

Adventures in Vinyl is streamed at the following times (central):

Sunday, 4 pm
Tuesday, 1 pm
Wednesday, 2 am
Thursday, 10 am
Saturday, 12 pm

After the month is over, the episode will be available on a downloadable podcast.  If you missed last month's episode featuring Dynamic Sound, it is available here.


  1. K-tel's track listings merely reflected the diversity of top 40 charts back then. All of the track on Dimensions were Billboard top 40 'Hot 100' hits during 1981. This was the first year I really took notice of music, at the tender age of 10. I was exposed to the beautiful diversity of everything from Kool & the Gang to Terri Gibbs to Grover Washington, Jr. to Loverboy to Dolly Parton. All on top 40 radio at the same time. It gradually changed as everything began to sound the same.

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