Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Additions to the Vinyl Voyage Library

It's been a busy weekend, that's for sure. Not sure how much work I got done for my real job, but it sure was fun loading these albums in the Vinyl Voyage machine.

It started off with The Monkees. A lot of the Monkees.

Plus a lot of Styx:

Suzanne Vega:

The new Bruce Springsteen:

And Supertramp:

More coming!


  1. Nice adding The Monkees and Supertramp to the mix.

  2. I was wondering are you add more K-Tel Record Albums that you are add it to the list like

    Hot Lights & City Nights (1979)
    The Seals & Crofts Collection (1979)
    Hitline (1979)
    Country Line (1979)
    Power Play (1980)
    Country Duos (1981)
    Denim (1981)
    Elvis Love Songs (1981)
    Certified Gold (1981)
    The Heart of Rock (1982)
    Feelin' Good (1982)
    Rock 'N' Roll Fever Volumes 1-2 (1982)
    The Beat (1982)
    Hit Explosion (1983)
    Heartbeat of the 70's (1983)
    Heartbeat of the 80's (1983)
    Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five (1984)

    and that's why I would love to request them on Adventures in Vinyl on the weekend so I can listen to all these Classic K-Tel Record Albums that I remember from the 70's and 80's because I want to get back to my childhood!

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