Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shhhhh. We're cheating on K-Tel

I feel a little bad right now. This station began in 2011 as a means to highlight my many K-Tel record compilations. Indeed, the very first thing we played on the station was K-Tel's "Music Power" from 1974.

This month, all of that changes with the new episode of Adventures in Vinyl.

On this episode, we are featuring a different compilation album.

From K-Tel's primary competitor: Ronco.

This month, listen to Ronco's 1973 compilation, "Good Vibrations." This album features hit songs from Mac Davis, Melanie, Albert Hammond and many more.

This episode can be heard all month at

Saturday 12:30 pm (Central/GMT -5))
Sunday 4 pm (Central/GMT -5)
Wednesday 2 am (Central/GMT -5)

Or, listen to it on-demand via Mixcloud.

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