Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Getting Political on this Song of the Week

Yep. It's been a crazy week.  Let's just say it: protesting is as American as it comes. Don't forget: this country was rooted in drunken men throwing rocks and ice at British soldiers.  And taking a knee at a football game is not disrespectful--it is a fulfillment of the American ideal of protest. If you are more concerned about the flag than you are about injustice, especially in communities of color, than this song is not for you.

But it is.

It is for all of us.

"Fight the Power" by the Isley Brothers is this week's Song of the Week.

The Song of the Week can be heard on Vinyl Voyage Radio at 10 am and 10 pm Central on Wednesday, and throughout the week.

Watch (and listen) to this song spinning on the platter below:

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  1. Everyone tries their best to fight for their power and justice and many times they failed because of the political system they have and America is one of those countries now.