Friday, January 26, 2018

S1E11: "Tape 3"

You can tell by this picture that "Tape 3" is no high quality tape. Yeah, these tapes came in bags of four. Yes, bags. They did not have cases. I spent hours sitting by the radio, getting ready to hit record whenever a song I liked came on. These were the first mix tapes I made.

I kept a log of the songs in a little spiral notebook.

This tape comes from around 1981 and features songs recorded from Chicago radio stations. I listened to Chicago DJ Steve Dahl everyday and this tapes includes several of his songs that he recorded. he was like the Chicago version of Weird Al. There is also a snippet of DJ Brant Miller, who is now a weatherman on Chicago TV.

This tape premieres tonight on Mix Tape Memories, 8 pm central.

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