Monday, May 23, 2011

Surviving the Apocalypse--a Song for Harold Camping

Well, we made it---much to the dismay of Harold Camping and his minions who believed the world was to end on May 21.  I actually somewhat feel sorry for them. Not that I wanted the world to end, but I can't imagine what it must be like---sitting and waiting for something that you are so sure is going to happen.  And watch it pass by.  I can honestly say, I do not know what that is like.  Is it like learning there is no Santa Claus?  I don't actually remember that moment---it probably wasn't a moment, but a gradual realization.  Not the same thing at all.  So, no.  I have never believed in something so heartedly that I was willing to quit my job and give up everything:  money, friends, all possessions---all for a belief that was not to happen.  Bummer.

This whole thing reminded me of a song (of course, this is The Vinyl Voyage, after all).  The Eurogliders released "Heaven (It Must Be There)" in 1984.  Formed in Australia in 1981, this song was really their only hit to reach the U.S. charts.  It peaked at #26 that year.

The Eurogliders never became much here in the States.  Probably wanted to make it big here, though.  A modest hit, "Heaven" was not to draw attention to the band like it did in their native Australia.  The band broke up shortly after.  In 2005, they reformed.  Briefly.  Their new album failed to produce any hits and they broke up again.  Perhaps this song nicely summarizes the band's existence.

Oooooh! Ooh I want to find a better place
Oooooh! Ooh I'm searching for a better place
Oooooh! Ooh I'm tired of living in the sand
Oooooh! Ooh I'm searching for a better land
Heaven, must be there-ere
Well, it's just got to be there-ere
I've never - never seen Eden
I don't wanna live in this place 

This could be Harold Camping's theme, actually.   Nothing like a feel-good, hopeful pop song to make one forget about the anticipated--but misguided---apocalypse.

"Heaven" is just one of the songs that can be heard on the Vinyl Voyage.  We stream an eclectic mix of music 24 hours a day.  And all of it on glorious vinyl.  Just as music should be.

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