Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Waiting on a Friend" (Or, when the Rolling Stones invaded the Sesame Street set)--Vinyl Voyage Video of the Day

Okay, this isn't quite the Sesame Street set.  But it's close.  At any moment you expect Elmo to come walking by or Oscar the Grouch to jump out of a garbage can.  Plus, Mick Jagger does resemble a muppet, doesn't he? 

"Waiting on a Friend" is the final track on The Rolling Stones' 1981 album, Tattoo You.  Truth be told, it's my favorite song on the album.   It's got a cool rhythm; a groove that gets me moving a bit.  It also has an uncharacteristic sax solo.  The song was actually written some 10 years earlier but lacked lyrics.  And when those lyrics were finally written by Jagger, they represent a softer side of rock and roll's principle "bad boys."  The song is about settling down; about friendships.

This is the first video the Stones made and was played constantly on MTV.  You may recognize the building:  it is the building featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album from 1975.  That's reggae legend Peter Tosh sitting with Jagger on the steps.  And Keith Richards looks particularly stoned---more than his usual, actually.   But you couldn't expect anything less from Keith.

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