Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DYNAMITE--this month on Adventures in Vinyl

Dynamite is one of the better K-Tel record compilations.  It was the album that introduced me to Eric Clapton, Elton John and Al Capone.

When a man named Al Capone
Tried to make that town his own
He called his gang to war
With the forces of the law.

You remember that song:  "The Night Chicago Died," a one-hit wonder by British band, Paper Lace.  I loved that song.  It was the song that I played most from Dynamite and it opens side one of this 20-track album.  Much of the song is historically inaccurate ("East Side of Chicago?").  I can say that with confidence because my real job is that of a history teacher.   In fact, when I discuss prohibition and the 1920s, I always play it for my students.

And I may sing a little as well.

And perhaps dance a bit.

They look at me usually with horrified expressions. But at least it exposes them to Paper Lace.  What's more important than that?    I just hope that somewhere down the line when they hear that song later in life they think of me.  That's really what it's all about.

Check out the commercial from 1974:

I was 6 years old in 1974.  I don't remember getting the album...but I do remember playing it.  And I'll be playing the album in it's entirety this month on Adventures in Vinyl---the only radio show dedicated to the lost art of the K-Tel record compilation.

Every month we highlight a particular K-Tel album.  And this month, it is Dynamite, played from its original vinyl.

Adventures in Vinyl airs on Saturday mornings, 11 am (ct) and Sunday afternoons at 4 pm (ct) only on Vinyl Voyage radio.

Join us.


  1. Great K-Tel album. This was the first album I ever bought and played it over and over. My favorites were Nazareth's "This flight tonight" and Steeler's Wheel "Stuck in the middle with you". Hell, I even liked Sister Janet Meade's "The Lords Prayer". Great memories. Thanks!

  2. This was the first "big kid" album I ever had .... loved it ... I was 11. I wore it completely out ! Thanks for the commercial !!

  3. This is so awesome! My first album as a preteen and I too played this album over and over and probably know the words to every wonderful song on the album. Good memories!!

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